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Shark liver oil components at work for you! – Part 1

What alkylglycerols can do.

There is an old adage in medicine that if you need more than one medication for a disease, you do not have the correct medicine. One disease, one treatment makes sense, considering the large number of drugs prescribed for illness today. Many people, in fact, are not even taking the correct medicine.


The danger of one drug for all diseases is equally serious, but one supplement for diseases makes sense. A supplement is an adjunct, a helper, much like a friend. Friends are also supportive in many ways: they add to our sense of well being, boost our confidence, and help us through tough times.

I see alkylglycerols in this same manner. They are not a panacea (i.e., cure-all) for all the ills of mankind, but they are a powerful aid to good health. Unfortunately, much of the clinical data on the use of alkylglycerols is anecdotal.


Except for the large clinical studies in cancer research, few papers have been published on clinical trials with humans. What I will present in this chapter are conclusions based on reports from the scientific literature, the traditional use of alkylglycerols over many years, results of discussions with colleagues, and finally, the actual clinical experience I have had with the use of alkylglycerols.