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The History of Alkyrol – Part 5a

The aging game (and more)

Many scientists now believe that aging is not a normal process, but that it is a chronic disease process resulting from free-radical damage. While certain physiological changes are associated with the passage of time, there is no programmed aging process, no aging genes that determine how long you will be young, no death gene that “knocks us off” at some predetermined age.

What we call aging is essentially physical changes associated with the passage of years. The first change we see is usually gray hair that eventually turns white. Yet, there are many beautiful women (and men) who have gray hair in their 20s! By no stretch of the imagination would we call this a negative change, since these individuals are perfectly attractive.

However, when gray hair is associated with faded, sagging, or wrinkled skin, we consider the individual “old.” Some of these people are still in their 30s! Are they old? Absolutely not, but they have probably been afflicted with severe free-radical damage. Gray hair, for example, is hair that no longer produces melanin (i.e., pigment).


The process is not irreversible, since many gray-haired individuals, who have undergone radiation treatment to their heads, have regrown jet-black hair over the next few months. I have seen this many times in my patients who went through radiation therapy for metastatic cancer. Degenerative diseases in older people, such as muscle wasting, is usually the result of inactivity. This is known as “the rocking chair syndrome” following retirement. And it is certainly not inevitable.

In one study, individuals 80 years old and older were put on a weight-lifting program for four weeks. They had been mostly confined to beds or chairs. But in just two weeks of regular exercise, they improved their muscle strength to the point of self care! It is remarkable how resilient the body is, and how many repair systems can help us restore health…

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Arthritis / Joint Pain Good Health

OceanFormula™ for Healthy Joints and Cartilage – The benefits of taking glucosamine

Glucosamine chondroitin sulfate complex, also called the “OCEAN FORMULA”, offers the synergistic effect of a number of substances from the sea, all known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

All the active ingredients of this product are of marine origin. Glucosamine sulfate is normally manufactured by the human body. Its function is to stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans, which are key structural components of cartilage, and to promote the incorporation of sulfur into cartilage.


As some people age, they lose the ability to manufacture sufficient levels of glucosamine and the result is cartilage destruction with pain, deformity and limitation of movement. There are no natural food sources of glucosamine.

Commercially available sources of glucosamine are derived from the exo-skeleton of shrimp, lobster and crabs. Glucosamine comes in three different forms, glucosamine sulphate, glucosamine hydrochloride and N-acetyl-glucosamine.

The glucosamine sulfate is proven in human studies to be the preferred form, both in regards to absorption, distribution and elimination, and in regards to its clinical effect.
Glucosamine sulfate’s beneficial effects have been proven in many clinical studies.

It stimulates the production of substances necessary for proper joint function and is responsible for joint repair. Chondroitin sulfate is found in most animal tissues, especially around the joints.

For supplementation it is usually derived from shark cartilage. It works synergistically with glucosamine to protect cartilage from premature breakdown, and to stimulate the production of glucosaminoglycans and collagen needed for healthy new cartilage.


Sea cucumber extract is another compound from the sea, that is commonly used in the treatment of arthritis. In Australia it is an approved over-the-counter arthritis remedy, and several clinical studies, conducted in Australia, have shown its effectiveness.

OceanFormula™ is a scientifically advanced combination of anti-inflammatory agents, working together synergistically, and relieving pain, reducing stiffness and repairing damaged cartilage in a natural way.

It is a true nutriceutical with outstanding safety. Results are generally experienced within 3 to 6 weeks of use.